Where to buy a retro football shirt

Buying a retro football shirt is a great way to remember your team or countries history, there are many famous kits and none more so than the England 66 red shirt with the enlarged three lions crest.

One particularly popular site recommended is toffs.com which sell an extensive range of retro shirts dating as far back as before the 1900s in some cases. If you're a Manchester United fan why not impress your friends by purchasing the oldest United kit to date in the Newton Heath shirt of 1892. For an outstanding price of £35.99 it really is a great product for any Man United fan collecting retro shirts and you can be guaranteed great quality and superb value for money. The renowned green and yellow strip can often be rare to find so why not purchase this great shirt and avoid disappointment at a later date. The website has shirts from all 92 of the football league clubs so explore the site and no matter who you support, you will undoubtedly be able to find a retro shirt for the club you have allegiances towards.

Arguably the most popular English retro shirt is the World Cup victory in 1966 and this shirt is available from toffs.com for just £39.99. For such a competitive price, why not get your hands on the shirt that holds so much history and pride within England's sporting culture. You can purchase retro England shirts as far back as 1938 so be sure to explore the other shirts as well as there are many great, fashionable shirts to be had.


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