Remi Gaillard football video

Serial prankster Remi Gaillard is back again. This time he's poking fun at Nike's Put It Where You Want It Tour made famous by Wayne Rooney and Gennaro Gattuso.

The French funny man takes the advertising slogan a bit too seriously causing havoc in Paris. Remi takes football to the streets lobbing free kicks into moving vehicles, public fountains and off unsuspecting passers-by.

This is the same Remi Gaillard who dressed up as a player at the end of the French Cup final back in 2002, getting his mug on the telly holding the cup. Bur from the silky skills he shows in the video below it looks like Remi wasn't that he wasn't that out of place on a football field after all.

Remi Gaillard Puts It Where He Wants

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