Looking for Refurbished Gym Equipment in the UK?

The thought of joining a gym can be daunting, working out in public can be awkward at times. Not to mention having to wait to use the equipment during busy periods. One way to solve this is to create your own home gymnasium! You might have room in the garage or convert the spare bedroom into a home gym. This way, you can work out when you want, and have no queues to use the machines!

Selecting your gym equipment is harder than you would perhaps imagine, its not quite as simple as buying the machines you want and sticking them in the spare room. You have to think about the health safety regulations, especially when planning the layout of the gym.

That's why it's recommended using Amazon Leisure UK when setting up your home gym (no relation to the online retailer Amazon). Not only do they stock some of the best quality refurbished gym equipment in the UK. They also have a wealth of experience in how to create the perfect gym.

About Amazon Leisure UK

  • The business has been running for over 20 years.
  • They have specialist staff for sales, logistics, production and installation.
  • UK's largest supplier of quality new & refurbished gym equipment.

What do Amazon Leisure UK Offer?

  • Amazon offer a complete installation and relocation service.
  • Personalise your gym equipment, they have a range of 9000 colours to customise your equipment!
  • PAT and QA testing is performed on all equipment to ensure its safe, functional and in good condition.
  • You can browse their showroom, and even use their own in house gym to test the equipment they have for sale!

Overall, you may find cheaper gym equipment elsewhere BUT the unique selling point of Amazon Leisure UK is their highly skilled team who will be able to advise you every step of the way. Their refurbished gym equipment is also of a very high standard, so before your start to create your home gym, speak to Amazon Leisure UK.

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