Red(knapp) with rage

Harry Redknapp has said that he would boycott post-match TV interviews if he was charged by the FA for comment about Mark Clattenburg’s decision to allow Nani’s goal against Tottenham at the weekend, saying that he would fight them ‘all the way’ and refuse to do any interviews.

Redknapp said that the officials colluded in order to get their stories straight after the match, in which Nani scored Manchester United’s second goal after handling the ball and then shooting as the Spurs goalkeeper thought he was taking a free kick, and the FA could charge the Tottenham boss for his comments. However, Redknapp insists that he did nothing wrong, calling the collusion ‘a fact’ and saying that he ‘never questioned the integrity of the officials’.

‘I would be sick if they charged me,’ he said. ‘I wouldn't take that lying down, no chance. I haven't done anything. I didn't go up to the referee, I didn't run onto the pitch, I didn't chase him into his room.

‘There's no way I'd do any more TV interviews. No chance. Don't bother asking me speak to TV after a game again. I don't care if it's in the rules. No chance.

‘I don't want to do it. The last thing I want to do is go on TV and talk about the game. I just want to get on the coach and go home. I don't expect a charge, but if they do, I'll fight it all the way.

‘The FA wants it both ways. They want us to talk about the game, but not talk about it. I could just come out and refuse to talk about anything.

‘If I can't come on TV and answer a question in a truthful manner when I'm asked, then we shouldn't be dragged out to TV two minutes after a game. When I'm asked a question I give a truthful answer – he made a right mess of it and I stand by that 100%.’

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