Redknapp says 'no more boozing'

Harry Redknapp has stamped his foot down after Ledley King's much publicised and pretty shameful performance outside a West End nightclub. That's the won where he allegedly barked 'don't you know who I am' at two bouncers before racially abusing the pair of them, in case you'd forgotten.

'I'll implement a strong rule next season that drinking is a no-no here,' said the Tottenham boss. 'Footballers should dedicate their lives to playing.

'Footballers should not drink. You shouldn't put diesel in a Ferrari. I know it's hard but they are earning big money, they are role models to kids.

'There's still too much of a drinking culture in English football but it's not as bad as it used to be. At Tottenham we do a lot with kids, a lot of them underprivileged so we have to set an example.' We predict that this is not going to go down very well at all.

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