Redknapp rages at QPR rumours

Harry Redknapp’s QPR picked up three vital points with an away win at Southampton, but it did little to improve the manager’s mood. Redknapp was furious about newspaper reports suggesting that a recent trip to Dubai had been marked by drinking sessions and poor discipline.

Redknapp insisted that the stories were untrue and the trip had been an opportunity for some intensive training sessions. "It's a mischievous non-story," Redknapp said. "An absolute load of nonsense. I think there were six or seven teams out there and we were the only one that trained every day. Two of them didn't train all week, not one second. We trained every day. We did not have one day off."

Redknapp admitted that the players weren’t happy about the workload, but indicated the score against Southampton as the end result of his demands. "I worked the socks off them," he said. "I had them on their knees, they worked that hard. The players were disgusted with it. They had a meeting about it last night. They couldn't believe it. I said there's only one way to show people and that's to go out today and put in a performance and that's what they did."

Redknapp said he allowed the players a night out, but they did not overdo it. "I gave them one night out and that's what they did," Redknapp said. "And when they went out, they said there were five other teams in the same place they went to. Why has no one written about the other teams having a night out? Why is it only QPR? You know why? Because this story has come from somebody who is trying to disrupt the football club."

Redknapp blames an agent trying to disrupt the club. QPR remain at the bottom of the Premier League table, and the manager admits that survival will be tough, but insisted, "I'm getting the best out of them."

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