Red nots

A few months ago it looked as though Manchester United would be changing hands, swept along a seas of anti-Glazer sentiment, the Green and Gold campaign and most importantly the financial power of the so-called Red Knights, the group of wealthy United fans who were looking to table a £1billion bid that would see off the American owners.

However, that is increasingly looking like it won’t be the case. The Green and Gold campaign was as effective as a scarf waving campaign always is, and the Glazers seem to not give a fig neither for the level of hatred reserved for them from United fans nor from the money being flashed in their faces by the Red Knights. According to the Guardian, there have also been splits in the group, mostly from those who thought it was a mistake to publically denounce the Glazers, and knowing that they will not accept the bid, will not offer another. The other fly in the ointment is the boycott of season tickets, which, if you believe the club, isn’t going very well at all, and they expect that all 55,000 will be sold. Meaning that there isn’t any financial pressure on the Glazers at all.

‘If there's a threat, then we'll see but our season ticket sales and renewals for this upcoming season are on track for previous years,’ the chief executive, David Gill, said. ‘Our executive ticket renewals are on track, so we'll have to see at the start of the season, but we're envisaging sell-out crowds going forward for Manchester United.

‘It really is incredible but since the Glazers took over they have wasted £437m in fees and interest, more than the total ticket revenue (£398m) for the full five-year period of their ownership,’ said a MUST spokesman, who must be tearing his hair out at his fellow supporters. ‘Every single penny we've spent on our tickets over their five-year ownership has been wasted. Or to put it another way, every one of us could have attended every match free of charge for the last five years and on top of that the club could have given every season-ticket holder £700 each – and would still have been no worse off.’

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