Red faced Reds

Nothing in football is as amusing as a big club being humiliated at home by relative minnows, and few clubs elicit that dirty little feeling of schadenfreude quite like Liverpool, that totem to self-righteousness and sense of entitlement. Not only were they knocked out of the FA Cup last night, they were humbled at home by little old Reading, who won 2-1 in extra time to make everyone in the whole country collapse in a fit of giggles. This is even funnier than Chelsea losing to Barnsley the other year.

Their FA Cup exit has basically finished the Reds’ season, as it follows their early Champions League exit, their League Cup humbling and their complete inability to mount a proper title challenge. All they have now is the desperate dash for fourth place and the Europa League, as without the CL revenue, Hicks and Gillett will struggle to sell the club for anything resembling a decent price. Tricky times indeed. On top of that Rafael Benitez has to deal with a raft of speculation about his future, despite the fact the club can’t afford to sack him.

‘In the last three months a lot of people have spoken about me and that will happen. I have to just keep moving forward and working hard,’ he said to The Guardian. ‘How do I cope with the talking and the pressure? I try to do the best I can. From the pre-season we have been a little bit frustrated, but we have to carry on.

‘We have to move as quickly as possible. The players are very disappointed. We are all disappointed. It's not the best season. Sometimes you have bad moments and sometimes better moments. At this time we have to carry on and be ready for the next game. We have to be focused on football.’

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