The Red Bull racing team

The Red Bull Racing Team are enjoying an extremely successful time at the moment and currently top of the constructors championships and have the current world champion Sebastian Vettel driving for them.

They are based in Milton Keynes, and are now in their sixth season. Incredibly, they have already won the drivers and constructors championships (both in 2010), which is quite a feat when competing with the other very well established teams in the sport.


Sebastian Vettel

The team dominated the 2010 season and in particular in was a huge success for Sebastian Vittel, who is only 23 and was a graduate of the Red Bull Young Driver programme. He has been a sensation in the sport since his arrival and many tip him to be on top for a long time to come.

In 2010 he lead the Red Bull Racing Team to victory and with a late charge at the end of the season with 3 wins out of the last 4 he won the drivers championship.

So far in the 2011 season, he has carried on in the same vain and has been on the podium in 12 of his 13 races and has won 8 of those. Consequently Red Bull Racing Team are also sitting top of the constructors championship again.

Mark Webber

Mark Webber's contribution to the team in the last few years is not something to be forgotten about either. He is currently the number 2 driver for the team, and he has consistently brought in results as well.

So far this season he has placed on the podium 7 times in 13 races, and last season did so 10 times in the 19 races of the season, with 4 wins.


These two drivers have transformed the Red Bull Racing Team onto the top spot in Formula 1 and we have plenty more to expect from them.


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