Real Madrid midfielder Guti stalked by deaf boxer

Real Madrid midfielder Guti is being stalked by a deaf boxer. According to the Offside, the Spanish player became friends with hard of hearing pugilist Jorge Munoz and tried help him obtain a professional license.

Guti even wore a T-Shirt with the slogan: 'A boxer in silence, too many obstacles', at a Real press conference to show solidarity with his friend. But when the application was rejected due to Munoz's hearing impairment things quickly turned sour between the pair with the Real Madrid star forced to employ bodyguards to protect himself and his family.

While the story sounds like something straight out of a Pedro Almodóvar film poor old Guti hasn't been lucky with any of his off field dealings with menfolk. Either he's being stalked by deaf boxers, chatting up famous transsexuals or kissing his 'boyfriend' who actually turns out to be his short haired sister.

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