Real Madrid draw first blood

Real Madrid have scored their first big blow against Pep Guardiola's Barcelona last night, by beating their arch-rivals in the Copa Del Rey final.

Madrid, who will also have to face Barca in the Champions League semi-finals, won 1-0 in extra time thanks to a powerful Cristiano Ronaldo header, and crucially didn’t look overawed by the Catalan giants, who many have called the best team in the history of football. It could be crucial in their monster European clash coming up soon, and Madrid boss Jose Mourinho knows it.

‘I am thrilled to win the Copa del Rey - it is something special,’ said Real coach Jose Mourinho. ‘It's a fantastic triumph against a great team like Barcelona - and we deserved it.

I came here to do a job and change the mentality of the club. We have started to do that and it's satisfying - but it's just the start.

‘We knew that whoever scored first would win it - and so it proved. Mourinho has given us a winning spirit and this is a really important trophy for us - it was an objective we had for this season and we have achieved it.’

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