'Ready To Go'

Golf's greatest tournament – The Open – starts on Thursday, and it looks like this could be the best chance that a home grown player could win the championship for more than a decade, with Rory McIlroy up there among the favourites.

The Northern Irish boy wonder romped home to the US Open title last month, says that he is ready for the challenge, and that he's put that win to the back of his mind as he looks for victory at Royal St Georges.

'After what happened at the US Open, expectations will be high and I put high expectations on myself,' he said. 'It's been three weeks and I feel as if I'm pretty much ready to go.

'The first 10 days after winning the US Open, it was a bit hectic trying to see friends and family and going here, there and everywhere. But the last 10 days have been good - I've got back into my routine and been practising a lot. I feel as if my preparation has been really good. I knew that the time for reflection wasn't really at this point of the season, it's at the end - I've got to forget about what happened three weeks ago and just try to win another golf tournament.

'Every tournament is important but I put more emphasis on the majors. They are the ones you want to win. I'm just focussed on purely on winning here. Everything else that is going on outside the ropes I can't control but I can control going out there and playing the best golf I can.'

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