Rangers made to suffer

Celtic capped a miserable week and a miserable year for Rangers by winning the final Old Firm derby 3-0, with goals from Charlie Mulgrew, Kris Commons and Gary Hooper. It was the last derby match of the season and, if Rangers fail to find a solution to their financial woes, could be the last time the Glasgow giants square up for even longer.

There is no obvious rescue package on the horizon for Rangers, who were hit with an additional fine from the SFA, and banned from making any transfers for a year, blows that the fans and the manager claimed were unfair.

Scottish clubs are meeting to decide if any further sanctions should be made against Rangers. Manager Ally McCoist was defiant, claiming that Scottish football needs Rangers.

"I believe Rangers and Celtic are different," he said. "I might get criticised for saying that but if you take a step back then they are different because of the impact they have on Scottish football. I can understand fans up and down the country who don't support the Old Firm, saying that is rubbish. In an ideal world, it would be a totally wrong statement. But it's not an ideal world and I believe it's a correct statement."

In short he was asking for clemency. His opposite number Neil Lennon did not agree. "I understand Ally's point to a certain extent," the Celtic manager said, "but if you have flouted the laws in the capacity they have, then I would imagine the powers-that-be will punish you accordingly."

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