Five highlights of Ralph Lauren's ski wear collection

For over 40 years, Ralph Lauren has been at the forefront of both men's and women's fashion. Their designs often possess a functionality alongside their obvious style and elegance, which makes them a top choice for those looking for fashionable ski wear.

This article looks at five of the best men's items from Ralph Lauren's ski wear catalogue that would combine to make a great ski outfit.

  • Ralph Lauren RLX Aero Type Jacket. This skiing and snowboarding double layered jacket features a wired mounted iPod keypad on the left arm, so you can ski and listen to your favourite tunes without needing to fumble to take your player out of your pocket. If you shop around carefully online, you might find it for less than $800.
  • Ralph Lauren RLX Men Ski Pants. Fashionable ski pants are notoriously difficult to find. These blue pants can be ordered on Amazon with a black or brown leather hem for $199, a fraction of the retail cost of $695. Search for them at Amazon.com.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Wool Ski Winter Sweater. Another internet highlight, this sweater retails at nearly $300 but is on Amazon.com for just $175. Made of 100% wool and featuring quaint skiing motifs, it is sure to keep you both warm and stylish.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Cashmere Wool Ski Holiday Scarf. A snug scarf complete with fetching winter scenes. Made of 80% lamb wool, 11% wool and 9% cashmere. You can find it online for less than $150 if you search well, although the retail price is $210.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere Cable Cap Beanie Hat. For the colder climates, it is always healthier to wear a warm hat. This comfortable beanie, made of 55% cashmere and 45% wool, is the perfect final touch to your skiing look. Find it on Amazon.com for less than $150, saving $48 off the retail price.

Although these five choices represent some highlights from the Ralph Lauren ski wear selections, you can browse for the season's latest offerings at RalphLauren.com.

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