Rage as thousands miss out on Olympic tickets

In classic British style, the second round of ticket sales for the 2012 Olympics has been a complete mess, with thousands of people being denied tickets, despite being told that they had actually be awarded them.

There were 2.3million tickets available for 24 different sports, and the 1.2million people who missed out last time were encouraged to reapply. However despite that there are double the number of tickets compared to applicants, 10% of the 150,000 applications so far processed have missed out again, despite being told that had got tickets.

The main problem appears to be that the Ticketmaster site that was handling the sales wasn't a live system, which meant that it relied on someone manually updating the site when tickets stop being available. In athletics a decent number went as far as putting in their payment details and getting a confirmation email, only to find out later that they didn't get the tickets they applied for. Oops.

'Just under 90% received tickets, subject to payment,' said Locog, official ticket partner of Tickermaster. 'Around 10% have not been successful due to the massive demand during the first two hours of sales where 10 sports sold out, some within 15 minutes.

'Emails are being sent to applicants today and whilst more applicants now have tickets to the Games, we know that there are still some disappointed customers and we will do everything we can to get them to the Games.

'More than 1m new tickets will be offered to the British public next year from contingency seats, once venues are tested and licensed, and we aim to get as many of these tickets as possible into the hands of customers who have missed out to date.'

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