Rafa revolution on the rocks?

After Saturday's humiliating FA Cup exit at the hands of minnows Barnsley, it looks like Rafa could be picking up his P45 if Liverpool don't get their mitts on this year's Champion's League trophy.

It's a long way from the triumph of Istanbul. Since then Liverpool have become the latest English club to be owned by a group of Yankee Doodle Soccerballers. Benitez only survived a Yankie chop earlier this year thanks to the backing of the fans. But since Saturday there's been growing discontent in the red half of Merseyside.

Stevie G and the rest of the pool's players will have to get the finger out if they want to save their under fire manager. And where could be an better place to start than Wednesday's game with Serie A leaders Inter Milan, aka FC Hollywood! Not only are they leading their domestic league by eleven points, but Inter also boast a reserve team that could give Liverpool's first eleven a run for its money. Tough times ahead for the Reds...

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