What is a racing odds calculator

If you are getting ready to bet for the first time, you want to be able to understand the odds, and make sure that you are getting the best return for your money. A racing odds calculator will give you the ability to see any potential winnings for both single and multiple betting plans. There are different racing odds calculators available these can work out the returns.

Most of these racing odds calculators are affiliated with one or more of the betting companies, so the odds displayed automatically are usually the odds that establishment offers.


This site offers a free calculator that can be adjusted to suit single or multiple bets. It is very straightforward to use. Users load in whether it is a single or multiple bet. They are then redirected to a page that allows them to select the odds, stake and other elements that need to be taken into consideration.


This site is quite similar to the previous one. It does have quite a lot of advertising on the site for bet365 but this is expected. The site has full instructions about how the bets work, practically leading novices by the hand through the process.A lot of sites are very user friendly in this way.

The calculators are designed to be user friendly, and are designed in a way that will bring users back to site with repeat business when looking to place bets, however there is the risk that odds can change after you’ve placed the bet so returns can be lower than those advertised at the point of calculation.

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