Free Online Race Odds Calculator For The Grand National

If you're in search of a race odds calculator that will allow you to place multiple bets of different kinds during the Grand National,you're in luck. One site has made it really simple to work out the possible returns on your bets!

http://www.grand-national.me.uk/betcalc.php has a handy and 100% free odds calculator that can do just about everything.  This nifty application allows you to track multiple bets (up to four), and you can even choose from different bet types.  The first entry is your stake, and you can choose whether you're going to bet each way or not as well.  The calculator also uses both UK and decimal odds, so this will work for you whatever format you're going to use.

The bets that can be worked out using this calculator includes singles, doubles, trebles and even accumulator bets.  The default setting for this calculator is for UK single bets, but with a few clicks you're able to quickly change it to suit your preferences.

If you're in need of a quick odds converter you should try the converter at betcalc. This is the url you need to visit: http://www.betcalc.com/oddsconverter.php It will give you both decimal and American odd formats if you enter the odds in fractional format.  The site also explains the difference between UK fractional odds, European and American odds.

With these two calculators you'll be good to go, and betting on the Grand National will be both quick and easy! Head on over and play with the calculators to give yourself a feel for them before the big day. Both these calculators are free, so you have nothing to lose by having a look!

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