All about Queens Tennis Club

The History of Queens Tennis Club

Founded in 1886, the Queens Tennis Club is situated in West Kensington, London, and was the world’s first mulit-purpose sports complex. Named after its first patron - Queen Victoria, the club was also the “jeu de paume” (real tennis) venue of the 1908 Summer Olympics. Strangely enough, Queens Tennis Club also played host to an international football fixture between Wales and England on March 18, 1895, and until 1922 was the main ground for Corinthian F.C’s football matches.

Queens Tennis Club’s Courts

Queens Tennis club can cater for a lot of tennis players at any given time. It has 28 outdoor courts and eight indoor courts. Every year it hosts the  prestigious annual Queen's Club Championships grass court men's lawn tennis tournament. Since the Prince’s Club closure in 1940, the Queens Tennis Club is also the headquarters  of rackets and squash.

The Sale of Queens Tennis Club

Since 1953 the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) had owned Queens Tennis Club. On 13 September 2005 the LTA  put the club up for sale but insisted that the rackets club and the Queen's Club Championships remain unaffected. This criteria was put in place because the residential and commercial redevelopment of the site would be very tempting to any potential investors. After months of uncertainty regarding the club’s future it was sold for a reduced price of 35 million in late September to club members who refused to see this historical bastion of tennis sold to outside parties.

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