Pwopah Nawtee

Last night’s Carling Cup quarter-final between Birmingham City and Aston Villa was marred by some of the worst stadium violence seen in England in the last decade, with both sets of fans lobbing chairs, flares and any other projectiles they could find to hand at each other. There will no doubt be plenty of YouTube footage of the ‘off’ as well, from hoolie-porn divs who recorded it on their mobiles.

It all kicked off after the final whistle, with Birmingham celebrating going into the semi-finals of the Carling Cup after their 2-1 win.Blues fans piled onto the pitch and charged towards the Villa fans at the other end of the ground, throwing flares into the away end and acting like idiots. The Villa fans responded in kind, and outside the ground there were what the papers are calling ‘skirmishes’. That’s ‘fighting’ if we may use layman’s terms.

Meanwhile the authorities have condemned the violence, and others are worried that it might lose England the World Cup bid. Although if it goes to Russia on that basis we will permit you a derisory snort in Fifa’s general direction.

‘We wholly condemn the actions of any individuals who have been involved in the scenes of disorder,' said an FA Spokesperson. 'The FA abhors acts of violent behaviour and we urge the clubs and authorities to identify any individuals involved in disorder and impose the stiffest sanctions, including banning orders.

‘The FA will fully investigate the matter. The whole of English football has worked hard to eradicate scenes of disorder from our game, with Home Office figures this week showing a significant drop in arrests at the many thousands of football matches held every week, the majority of which still pass trouble free.’

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