Purchasing Aston Villa football tickets

Saturday see's the long awaited premier league season for 2011/2012 finally begin, Aston Villa football tickets are now available to purchase from the club website, so order now before they become sold out.

Tickets for Blackburn rovers at Villa park are now available on general sale and can be bought at fantastic prices. Depending on where you choose to sit, the price range will be between £24 to £40 for adults whilst it being between £16 to £40 for under 16's. There are also prices available for concessions and students so make sure you check out the club ticket office at eticketing.co.uk/avfc to ensure you get the best deal.

With a easy to use map of the ground on the website, it's easy to select the area of the ground you wish to be seated and then move onto the checkout screen where you securely confirm your purchase. The seats are colour coordinated so it allows you to see the availability of seating at various parts of the stadium. Areas shaded in red represent an area that is no longer available whilst orange shows limited availability and finally green being widely available.

Other games including the derby match against Wolverhampton Wanderers is currently restricted depending on whether you're a member or not, but keep checking the website for updates on tickets to ensure you don't miss out on seeing Aston Villa in premier league action this season. If you were lucky enough to attend five or more Aston Villa matches last season, you now have the privilege to buy tickets for the game against Newcastle united so don't miss your chance to get priority tickets ahead of the awaiting queue.


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