Pumping out those clichés

Chelsea took a big step towards winning the Premier League title last night with a 1-0 win against Bolton Wanderers. The Blues took advantage of United slipping up at Blackburn over the weekend, but in a very nervy manner. Bolton had a few half chances towards the end of the game, but the main bones of contention were the penalty shouts for handballs by Didier Drogba and John Terry, which left Owen Coyle fuming at the officials, muttering about ‘we only needed the officials to get the big decisions right’.

However Carlo Ancelotti is more than happy to trust in the officials, as well as pump out time-honoured clichés about taking everything one game at a time. His English has come along magnificently, hasn’t it?

‘Now the Premier League is in our hands and we have to stay focused and calm,’ he said. ‘We have to play game by game and we are not interested in the results of the other teams. There was pressure on us to get this result because we needed to improve our position but I think the players now have very good motivation to finish the season well.

‘It was not an easy game. We knew it wouldn't be, because Bolton came to Stamford Bridge to play their game. They put pressure for all the 90 minutes, a lot of long balls. It was a tough game for us but I think that Chelsea did a good job and won, which was the most important thing. We were unlucky not to improve the score at the start of the second half but we needed the three points.’

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