Pukka Pie loopy, nuts are we

Snooker has fallen on hard times in recent years; sponsorship money and prize money is drastically down on its peak in the early 90s. The game is looking for new ways to make money, including taking tournaments out to growing markets like China, where players are developing at a rapid rate. The other way is looking for new sponsors, even if that means having a tacky name attached to one the most prestigious events of the year.

World Snooker has pulled it out of the bag in that respect, securing Pukka Pies as a sponsor for this year’s UK Championship. Oh well, anything for a few extra quid.

‘We're delighted to welcome Pukka Pies on board as title sponsor of the UK Championship,’ said World Snooker Chairman Rodney Walker. ‘It's a famous and successful British brand, which makes it an appropriate sponsor for one of our biggest tournaments. Everyone at World Snooker and the players are looking forward to working closely with Pukka Pies to make this year’s tournament a great success.’

‘Snooker gets fantastic television exposure and viewing figures so we have a lot to offer sponsors,’ said Stephen Hendry, presumably through gritted teeth. ‘I’m delighted that we’ve got Pukka Pies on board for the UK Championship.’

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