Get the best in tennis accessories from Pro Direct Tennis

Looking to kit yourself out in the absolute best tennis garb available? Well, the good news is that to do this, you won't have to spend a fortune! More and more dedicated Tennis retailers are appearing online every week, offering the best of gear at low prices. One such retailer is Pro Direct Tennis, and in this blog, we are going to take a look at exactly what they are offering on their site.

While they may not be the biggest name in Tennis retailing yet, Pro Direct Tennis, who you can find online at http://www.prodirecttennis.com/home.asp, are a fast-growing name that offer an unrivalled level of options for tennis clothing and accessories, catering to everyone from the newest player to an aspiring professional. They offer everything you would expect from a tennis site including rackets, tennis shoes, balls, grips, and even Tennis bags.

Pro Direct Tennis are even revolutionising the tennis racket world with their Racket ID system where you can get a racket that you purchase personalised with your name along the handle. To check out the options available to you with Racket ID, visit the page at http://www.prodirecttennis.com/staticfeature.asp?ART=4852TITLE=Tennis_Racket_Personalisation.

Another massive reason to shop with Pro Direct Tennis is the regular sales they hold on their site, and right now they are offering a whopping 70% off certain rackets, and 50% off most of their Wilson, Head and Prince ranges. Pro Direct offer extremely cheap delivery on all orders in the UK, and we highly recommend checking them out.

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