Work on your stroke with private swimming lessons in Edinburgh!

Swimming is going to be a boom sport once the London Olympics get underway. If you, or your child, want to learn, or to improve confidence in the water, private swimming lessons can be an ideal way, especially if you don't want to join a group class. We checked what was on offer in Edinburgh.

Swim Easy (swimeasy.co.uk) offers one to one individual lessons that are ideal for adults or children who have a fear of the water. Individual attention can speed up the learning process and encourage confidence in the pool. If you already have a little experience, these lessons can help you progress rapidly.

It's possible to start from scratch on a Rapid Track course for 5 consecutive days, and non-swimmers can expect to be moving through the water at the end of that short period.Tuition is available at the St Leonards pool by Edinburgh University. Bookings are taken for a course of 8 consecutive weeks, with a cost of £200.

Discover Swimming (discoverswimming.com) offers one to one swimming lessons in Edinburgh, at several venues including Trinity Academy, the Novotel and Radisson Blu Hotel. Instructors will devise a course to suit your experience and goals, whether you are a beginner, or want to master a new stroke.

Aquatic Learning (aquaticlearning.com) offers tailor-made individual classes to suit any standard of swimmer.  Tuition is normally over a 10 week period at pools around Edinburgh, but you can adjust the times to fit in with your schedule. Call 0131 669 5313 for details of times and prices for private swimming lessons.

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