We reported the other day that England’s World Cup 2018 bid team launched an official complaint against Russia’s team after one of them, Alexei Sorokin, insulted London, now the honorary president of the Russian Football Union Vyacheslav Koloskov has called England’s behaviour ‘primitive’, and an admission that they were behind in race to hold the tournament.

Sorokin said that ‘it's no secret, for example, that in London they have the highest crime rate compared with other European cities, and the highest level of alcohol consumption among young people’, which sent England’s team into a fury, but he claimed his comments were misrepresented. Officially England can’t say or do anything about Koloskov's comments, as he is not part of Russia’s team, and there are rumours that he has made these comments hoping to provoke the English into commenting on their rivals, something against Fifa’s rules.

‘It's a comical situation. The English are afraid of how badly their bid is going. Their journalists are provoking members of the committee, and they now say one of the members of our bidding team has spoken out against England in an improper manner,’ Koloskov told the Russian website championat.ru. ‘I think it's a raising of tensions, and also an attempt to in some way influence the work of our bidding team.

‘These acts have little chance of success. Russia should not be afraid of sanctions. There won't even be an investigation. The behaviour of the English is absolutely primitive. Instead of talking about their own excellence and merits, they try to put off their opponents.’

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