Premiership stars slow to cough up

Remember the doctor who harangued Premiership footballers into donating a day’s worth of their wages to help out a nurse’s charity? Course you do. Dr Noreena Hertz got some 255 players to donate wads of cash to needy nurses. All the very generous footballers were on the telly, smiling and promising to help out. And when you consider that a day’s pay for a footballer on, say, a paltry £50,000 a week is over £7000 – the doc done good.

Only it seems that some of the players promised but didn’t pay up. The charity is refusing to name names but it’s only collected £200,000 of the £750,000 pledged.

Maybe they forgot. After all, they’ve got busy lives – what with all that golf to play, training to do and television appearances to make supporting their chosen charity.

Yeah, they probably just forgot.

(Image: from wetwebwork’s Flickr stream)

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