Keep up-to-date with the latest Premiership football scores

As every keen football fan knows, there is a variety of ways you can keep in the know about the latest events and Premiership scores in the football world.

If you have a satellite or cable deal, you can watch the Sky Sports News program "Soccer Saturday" (or indeed just the regular bulletins on any other day) to hear detailed match reports concerning all the Premiership scores and game incidents.

However, this channel used to be available on Freeview but is now restricted to paid customers - so many people do not have access to it. Instead, the end of a major match day's fixtures are covered by BBC1's "Final Score" program, which will indeed keep you informed regarding Premiership scores but you'll miss the excitement of keeping track of games as they happen.

If you're travelling in the car, there are several radio stations which have designated programs on match days to keep you up to date with all the latest Premiership scores. Probably the best of these is TalkSport, which can be found at 1089/1053 AM or on digital radio.

Alternatively, there are lots of excellent websites which provide comprehensive text updates and commentaries and inform you of all the latest changes to Premiership football scores.

The BBC Football site at news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/default.stm, for example, has a live text commentary service on every match day for every British competition and every continental competition involving British teams, written by the top sports journalists in the business.

Designated websites like flashscores.co.uk are created for the sole purpose of keeping visitors up to date with football scores, and thus provide a much more personalised service which some fans might find desirable. Similar sites include livescores.co.uk and live-football-scores.co.uk, which both deal with European leagues as well as Premiership scores.

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