Premiership Round-Up Week 3

The weekend's Premier League action was, as always, either heaven or hell depending which side of the fence you're on. Liverpool earned bragging rights over Manchester United, Chelsea showed debutant Robinho that he joined the wrong team, while Arsenal put Blackburn to the proverbial sword.

Until Saturday, Rafa Benitez had never tasted league victory over United. But it was the nature of the win that impressed the most and could be a potential turning point in the Reds' season. Liverpool, missing Gerrard and Torres, outplayed and beat a full strength United team.

Robinho got off to a dream start in his Manchester City debut, scoring a with a freekick after 12 minutes. But the dream soon turned into a nightmare as Chelsea came storming back to give the Brazilian playmaker a reality check. The game finished 3-1 to Scolari's side.

Arsenal were back to their entertaining best against Blackburn on Saturday running out 4-0 winners thanks to a van Persie goal and an Adebayor hat-trick, while Stoke and Everton served up a 5 goal thriller yesterday which saw the Toffees come out on top.

Liverpool 2 Manchester United 1
Blackburn 0 Arsenal 4
Manchester City 1 Chelsea 3
Stoke 2 Everton 3

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