Premiership 2007/2008 Round-Up

The Premiership season 2007/2008 has come and gone and unless you've been living on the moon for the last nine months you'll know that Manchester United pipped Chelsea to the top spot on the final day of the season.

Fulham avoided the drop while Reading, Birmingham City and Derby County will all be playing in the Championship next year. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a staggering 31 league goals, Fernando Torres bagged 24 in his first season at Liverpool and the signing of the season Roque Santa Cruz hit the back of the net 19 times for Blackburn Rovers.

The drama of the final day, after Chelsea had set up the closest league finish in 40 years, made it a season to remember. For anyone who just got back from the moon check out the videos below as both Sky and the Beeb try to distill nine months of action into three minutes.

SKY's Premiership 2007/2008
The Beeb's version

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