Premier League title race wide open

Come the crunch games – games you simply have to win – Chelsea look to be as mentally fragile as the New Zealand rugby team (ha, ha).

The Blues led many times last night, yet still contrived to throw a win away and only come away from White Hart Lane with just a point. Meanwhile, Ronaldo blasted Man Utd further forward towards ultimate glory. He is a prodigy. The best. We salute him.

And, as for Ashley Cole’s horror tackle on Alan Hutton… It looked worse than it was – only because he didn’t actually break the lad’s leg. Hutton’s had an horrific injury already in his career. He was fractions of a second/millimetres away from his second. Cole may be going through the mill at the moment but we can’t think of anyone he has to blame for that than himself.

(Image: from free-er's flickr stream)

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