Premier League round-up

What a weekend of sport! And what a morning of headlines.

First up – Sepp Blatter, the world’s most powerful yet out-of-touch man in football –says he might want to extend Martin Taylor’s three-match ban (for his tackle on Eduardo). Can’t he just mind his own business and let the FA and the Premier League get on with it?

Alan Curbishley’s tenure at West Ham is in doubt, according to the Telegraph. With three four-nil drubbings in nine days, Curbs is certainly not having his best fortnight in football. Should he be looking over his shoulder for the chairman’s axe? Nah.

Finally, the money men from Dubai have bought a £170million stake in Liverpool. Why? Well, the club used to be quite famous and quite good. Maybe with even more money they can recapture the glory days when Anfield greats such as Jimmy Carter, David Speedie, Mark Walters, Torben Piechnik and Steve Harkness were hailed by the Kop. Ha, ha.

(Image: from borkur.net’s flickr stream)

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