Find kids' replica Premier League jerseys online

Are your kids demanding the latest Manchester United Premier League jerseys, despite your best efforts to interest them in Shrewsbury Town or Southend United? Accept it, it's the way of the world.  For instant popularity, snap up the latest football jerseys online.

Sports Direct (sportsdirect.com) offers official Manchester United 2011-2012 season shirts for kids from £32. They have various sizes from ages 7 up to 13. They stock a massive selection of teams, with all the Premiership clubs' official jerseys represented.

Total Sports (totalsportsshop.com) have the latest 2011-12 season Premier League jerseys in stock, in kids' sizes. Jerseys for the big teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are available at £23.99. One attractive bonus is that you can personalise jerseys with names and numbers at no extra cost.

Kids Football Kit (kidsfootballkit.com) offer fantastic value Premier League replica jerseys from the Soccer Sports company, with the option to add personalised details. These unofficial jerseys retail at about a third of the normal price. With the popular Premier League teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham represented, you can get a jersey and matching shorts for just £9.99.

eBay (ebay.co.uk) is also a great source of Premier League jerseys. Check the listings for brand new jerseys from the current season or recent seasons, often at remarkable prices. If you don't like getting involved in auctions, look for the Buy It Now function. You can usually pick up new football jerseys for under £10.

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