Premier League dominates rich list

A new list revealing the top ten earners in football shows the Premier League money-pit contributes seven out of the top ten. World player of the year Kaka tops the list, netting £6.6 million a year for his services to AC Milan. Next comes Ronaldinho at Barcelona, bagging something in the order of £6.31 million a year.

Thierry Henry is the only other non-Premier League player in the top ten. John Terry, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Ronaldo all take what seems to be their rightful place in the pantheon of over-paid prima donnas. And then there’s the others. Fernando Torres – he’s yet to prove his worth but looks like he’ll eventually live up to his wages. Michael Ballack – make him captain and he could be worth, say, half his wages. The German doesn’t look interested unless he’s the main man. And then there’s Shevchenko. Living testament to the fact that, if you need to end your career in gilded obsolescence, the easiest way to do it is to be best mates with a multi-billionaire who owns a Premier League club that has a squad big enough to carry your inefficacy. (Breath…)

(Image: from YouTube)

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