Portsmouth seek permission to play in Europe next season

Portsmouth will seek permission from the Football Association to take part in next season’s Europa League after beating Spurs in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley yesterday.

The Premier League’s bottom team should qualify for Europe after reaching the FA Cup final where they will meet Chelsea who will be in the Champions League next season.

However, Portsmouth failed to apply for a Uefa club licence in March after going into administration and as a result don’t have the required paperwork to take part in European competition.

The south east club hope to find a new owner and potential income from the Europa League could help Portsmouth to rebuild. ‘It will be an uphill struggle in terms of making the appeal but nonetheless we will try,’ Portsmouth administrator Andrew Andronikou told Sky Sports.

In addition, Andronikou is confident that Avram Grant will be able to choose from a full squad of players despite the fact that a number of players have expense clauses in their contracts based on appearances.

‘We seem to have everything under control at the moment and will, as usual, put out a strong team against Wigan on Wednesday,’ Andronikou continued. ‘The issue was regarding FA Cup appearances. Now we have another problem, albeit a very welcome one, for the final. I'm sure we'll have a full squad to play against Chelsea in May.’

‘It was such a marvellous occasion and such a wonderful result for the club, and it has already triggered further interest [in buying the club],’ Andronikou added. ‘We had one party who had shown interest, they were hovering, a real significant consortium with sporting interests, and this morning they came to step up their interest.’

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