Portsmouth placed in administration

Portsmouth have become the first Premier League club to be placed in administration, confirmed by the club on their own website, which informed fans that ‘At 10:20am today Portsmouth Football Club was placed into administration following the filing of a notice of appointment at the High Court.’

The club, which is £70million in debt, will also be docked nine points by the Premier League, meaning that relegation is almost a certainty. They were plunged into administration after four potential buyers failed to produce paperwork before 3.30pm yesterday. Administrator Andrew Andronikou will be holding a press conference today to reveal what his plans for the club are. Meanwhile Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock criticised the Premier League for not doing enough to help his local club.

‘This is a football issue and an issue where the Premier League owes it to the football community here in Portsmouth to do a little bit more than they have done,’ he said to Sky Sports News. ‘All they have done at the present time is run the tax line and they haven't run very fast in helping us.

‘All they have done is look after themselves and other clubs. What they have a responsibility to is the fans and the city of Portsmouth. Football means a lot to the people of this city and it means a lot for the Premier League to actually show some faith and actually maybe pay off some of the small creditors at this club.’

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