Poor little Thierry

A quick message to Ireland fans: either don’t read this article at all, or be prepared to be enraged by the level of hubris one Thierry Henry displays in his interview with French paper L’Equipe, that organ from which Francophone footballers are always being misquoted. In it, he explains how he felt so let down by the France Football Federation that he considered quitting international football. Let’s see how long it takes Henry to get round to pulling the ‘misquoted’ trick out of his hat, eh?

‘The day after the match' (that one in which he blatantly cheated and then ran off celebrating like he had won the World Cup, not qualified for it), 'and the day after that, I felt alone, really alone,’ he said, while violins played in the background. ‘It was only after I issued my statement that the people from the French Federation got in touch.

‘It's not the first time. After the 2006 World Cup, I thought about it, but it was too early. After Euro 2008, too, but it wasn't the right moment. There was a generation that needed me. Despite everything that has just happened and the fact that I felt let down, I will not let my country down.’

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