Top American pool tables

We don’t know where it comes from, but for many men it's important to have a pool or snooker table in their home. There are many types of pool tables available: American tables, outdoor tables, pool dining tables - big and small. Here are a few ideas of places to look and prices to expect for some American pool tables for your home.

pooltablesonline.co.uk have a huge selection of tables available, including a decent range of American tables. They also have lots of accessories and table care items that are important for the up keep of the table. Tables start from £449.95 and go up to over £5,000.

The BCE Rosemont 7ft American pool table comes with triangle, balls, two cues, chalk and brush, all together going for £456.45. It looks well and would suit most homes. A higher budget option is the Dynamic II USA pool table. The price starts at £2,562 for a 7ft version. Upgrade to 8ft for £78 extra or 9ft for £414 extra. This price includes delivery and installation by professionals. It also comes with two cues, balls, triangle, chalk and brush. It is a beautiful table and will almost certainly make your friends jealous!

libertygames.co.uk also have a good range of American tables. Prices start at about £349 and go all the way up to over £20,000 - although maybe £20,000 is a bit over the top! The majority of tables they have are competitively priced and come with free delivery. They have a Zodiac 7ft American pool table going for £495. It comes with free delivery, two cues, balls, triangles, chalk and a brush - everything you need to get started!


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