The best places to find American pool cues

There are many places to find pool cues across the UK, from sport shops, pool and snooker specialists to eBay and Gumtree. Here are a few good places to look for a good American pool cue...

cuepower.co.uk is a great place to start. They have an extensive selection of American pool cues, which range in price from a simple one piece for £27 to an Adam Musashi for £2,640. Do you play American pool because of the epic movies The Hustler or The Color of Money? They have George Balabushka’s cue for sale for around £550!

You'll also find many cues for sale around the £60 mark - Cuetec and Stingray cues are around this price. They have a range of jump and break cues and have offers on packages that are worth a look. In particular, check out the cue and case packages and the cue and break cue packages. They have a Cuetec package that has almost everything you need. It contains your choice of Cuetec Commander cue, Cuetec break-jump cue, mini butt, tip tool, shaft treatment spray and a case that will hold everything: all together on sale for £400.

rightoncue.co.uk is another good place to look. They don’t have a big range of American pool cues but if you are looking something at a smaller budget, they have a few good ones for around £30. They have Kruger cues for around £90 and a couple of Birdseye Maple cues for just over £30. They offer free delivery around the UK for most of their products.


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