Play pool and snooker games online!

There are many good pool and snooker games online that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Miniclip has 8 pool multiplayer, which is a seriously addictive pool game. You start off as a rookie and make your way up to becoming a grand master. Find 8 pool multiplayer at miniclip.com.

Play a few practice games or enter tournaments playing against live players. They have 8 player, 16 player or 32 player tournaments, where you could end up playing against people from right across the world. They even have a pool shop where you can buy your own cue.

A reason why this is such an addictive game is the awards. For example:

  • The denial award, which you get if you win a game without giving your opponent the chance to hit a shot
  • The underdog award, which you get for beating someone three ranks above you

There are also combination shot awards, tournament win awards, ball potting awards and more. There are 36 awards to get in total.

As you might expect, the 8 player tournaments are quite easy to win once you have a little practice, the 16 player tournaments are a bit trickier and the 32 player tournaments can be quite difficult. It depends who you end up playing, but sometimes if you mess up just once you will be punished and have to start all over again.

This game saves all your stats so you can see your win percentages, balls potted and tournament wins. You can also talk to the other players as you are playing by clicking the speech bubble above your character.


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