Police investigated plot to bomb Neil Lennon

Police in Scotland are investigating terrorist activity after parcel bombs were sent to Celtic manager Neil Lennon, his lawyer and a senior Labour politician.

The three devices were discovered at different locations in the west of Scotland, and were initially considered hoaxes to scare the intended victims, but were later discovered to be dangerous explosive devices that could or kill. The other two were sent to Paul McBride QC, a Celtic fan who has recently poured scorn on the SFA over their treatment of Lennon regarding disciplinary offences, and Labour MSP Trish Godman, another high-profile Celtic fan.

Police have ruled out Loyalist paramilitary activity, as the devices were rudimentary and not like the work of someone with paramilitary training. However the Lennon family has left their home and has been hiding out in a secret location for weeks. It is thought that the attempted attacks were related to Celtic chairman John Reid and the Catholic church’s very public row over supposed bias against the club.

‘We will not tolerate this sort of criminality in Scotland,’ said Alex Salmond, the first minister. ‘And as an indication of the seriousness with which we view these developments the cabinet sub-committee met last Saturday to ensure that the police investigation has every possible support to come to a successful conclusion.’

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