Essential kit for poker players

Poker players always like to practice at home, play a few hands with their buddies. If you are new to the game and want to host then here is some of the essential kit you will need to invest in.

Poker Table: Whether you are into the more authentic poker table or the modern poker table cloth either way, you need something to play the game on. There are lots of great tables and cloths available on the premierpokerchips.com website.

Check out the Luxury Folding Texas Hold'em Poker Table for only £40! This really is the best of both worlds. It is a hard top that sits on a regular table and can be folded away, well worth a look.

Card n' Chips: Of course you are going to need a deck of cards but nothing beats having a good chip set. A lot of people use coins or matches but for the proper poker experience you will need a decent set of chips. The good news is most of them come with a couple of card decks.

Check out the 500pcs Casino Dice 11.5Gram Poker Chips set. This is available from the amazon.co.uk website for only £21.99! This is currently reduced from £69.99 so grab it while it's on offer. The whole set comes in a beautiful aluminium case and comes with 2 decks, 500 chips and casino dice.

Poker for Dummies: Since it's your first hosting session your probably not all that good at poker. Regardless how bad your friends might say they are, if they are poker players this is generally a bluff. If you just read the last sentence and asked yourself 'A bluff?' then you need Poker for Dummies.

This is another great book in the 'Dummies' collection that's well worth a quick browse to tighten up on the rules and terminology. This is available directly from the dummies.com website for only £16.99.

Good Luck!

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