Poker league in the UK

The Nuts Poker League has gone from strength to strength its appearance on Dragons Den in the UK. The company received an investment of £65,000 from Duncan Bannatyne and it was great exposure for the company.

It is easy to become a member of a poker league with them. Simply turn up at a venue where you will be registered and issued a membership number. The players earn points according to their finishing position on the night. At the end of the season the top 25% of the players at each venue qualify for an end of season tournament. At this end of season tournament, a certain number of players will then qualify for the National Final, where major cash prizes are on offer.

They also offer an online league in association with Genting Poker. They have a nightly $5 tournament at 8.30pm, where you will earn points based on your finishing position. All the points are added to the online leaderboard, with the players receiving quarterly and monthly prizes. The monthly prize for the online league winner is £100, and the quarterly prize for the online league winner is £500.

It is possible to track your progress online by using a 4 digit number that you choose at registration. You can check the leaderboard and how other people in the league are progressing.

Poker has become a very popular game in the UK and the Nuts Poker League is going from strength to strength. It is expanding rapidly and it is the perfect time to join the league. For more information, visit thenutspokerleague.com.


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