Find poker equipment for sale

Poker is a very easy game to learn but a difficult game to master. To have your own poker nights all you need is a table, chips and cards. It is a good way of having fun and catching up with friends.

If you are looking for poker equipment for sale, here are the best places to find it...

eBay and Gumtree are the best places to look if you want to save some money. There are some amazing offers to find there. You could easily find a decent table, chip set and cards for around £60 to £70, but will take some looking! Ensure that you see the table before you buy it. Don’t go off pictures alone - read the description carefully and check the seller's rating. A common issue is that the picture has a bumper around the side, but the majority don’t come with the bumper and you'll only get the roll out felt. Most of them are fine though.

When buying chips, check the weight. Many that are sold are 4g and are too light. 11.5g are good to get the authentic poker feel.

Don’t waste your money on an automatic card shuffler. Most of them don’t work well and are not much faster than doing it yourself. They can be annoying, some are noisy and most are just a waste. If they worked well they would be used in poker tournaments (which they aren’t).

If you would prefer buying new, there are many high street shops selling poker equipment. Smyths offer good poker table tops and chip sets. They offer a 500 11.5g chip set with two decks of cards, a dealer button, five dice and an aluminium case for £26, which is quite reasonable.


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