Want your shot at winning an online poker championship? - The WCOOP's are back!

Most of us will only ever dream about winning a poker championship. The buy-in prices are so high that we can't afford it. But this isn't necessarily the same in the online world of poker. The action has already started but will run until the end of September 2011 and there are over $30 million in guaranteed prize pools.

To play in the World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP) you simply need to be registered with Pokerstars as all the tourneys are played through their platform. If you haven't already got an account don't worry as you can download their software and register with them by visiting Pokerstars.com.

There is 62 scheduled events that are usually in the format of small, medium and large buy-ins. Most days there is one of each starting and you can play in a range of different poker games. Just some of the tournaments you will find are:

  • No Limit / Pot Limit / Fixed Limit Texas Holdem
  • No Limit / Pot Limit / Fixed Limit Omaha
  • Triple Draw 2-7
  • Single Draw
  • Stud

The tourneys all vary with some being turbos while others will be deep stacks. You will find all sorts of table's sizes from 2 player tables through to 9 player tables.

The main event happens on the final day which is scheduled for 25th September at 14:00. It is a $5,200 tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $5 million. The winner is guaranteed at least $1 million to themselves. Don't worry if you can't afford it as there are plenty of satellite tournaments starting at just $1 and you can even step into it for free by using your frequent player points (FPP's)

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