Platini's going nowhere

Michael Platini has said that he will be standing for a second term as Uefa president when his run finishes next year. Platini, who has ruffled some feathers with his recent proposals on club debt, is expected to be running unopposed when the decision is made in Paris next May, which is a healthy sign of the democratic process.

‘I am happy man, a happy president and happy to work with you,’ Platini told delegates at the annual congress of Uefa in Tel Aviv. ‘There is more work to do, so I am happy to announce to you that I am a candidate for re-election to the presidency of Uefa.

‘The biggest challenge for me was to decide whether to run again. I am a happy man, I have done many things, and there are great things to do ahead, and I said to myself I will be a candidate again. For me, I had to say it today... Now I have a year to prepare my programme. This was not an electoral congress today but I had to say I was going to run again.’

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