Phil Jagielka robbed at knife-point

Everton and England defender Phil Jagielka was robbed at knife-point yesterday in a raid on his home in Knutsford, Chesire. The 27-year-old, who is currently recovering from injury, was watching The Toffees on the TV when three burglars burst into his home.

The assailants threatened Jagielka with a knife before making off with jewellery and the footballer's obligatory Range Rover. A spokesperson for Chesire Police spoke about the incident: 'Three men gained entry to a house in Knutsford. The homeowner was threatened with a knife and forced to hand over jewellery and the keys to his Range Rover car.'

'Fortunately nobody was hurt during the incident and the car was found abandoned a short distance away.' The raid took place during Everton's 4-0 win over Hull in the Carling Cup with Jagielka becoming just the latest in a long list of footballers to be targeted by thieves.

Both Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane had their houses burgled last year while they were playing away games for Liverpool.

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