Pepe Reina looking to leave Liverpool?

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has dropped hints that he would like to follow striker Fernando Torres out the door, after expressing the same sentiments that coloured his former teammate’s interviews after moving to Chelsea.

The Spain international spoke of his disappointment at Liverpool’s performance over recent seasons in an interview with radio station Onda Cero, and suggested in none too subtle terms that he is looking at where he would like to play next, in an attempt to win major honours.

‘I think it's hard for me to come back to Spain to play. I think my place is in England – and right now that is with Liverpool,’ Reina said. ‘It's hard to see me returning to Spain.

‘Barcelona and Madrid are the two teams you would aspire to in Spain and that's impossible. Edwin van der Sar is hanging up his gloves and people say that Arsenal are looking. I can't do or say anything; I renewed my contract with Liverpool last year. But what a player wants, logically, is to challenge for titles.

‘(Winning the FA Cup) was a long time ago. We used to fight to be among the top teams and to be in the Champions League but sadly in the last two years that has not been the case. Obviously, I want to play in the Champions League and I want to aspire to win titles.

‘I would like to think that the departure of players does not mean that we are slipping. I think Liverpool will always be a big club but we have to be realistic and the reality is that right now we are not at the level of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal. That's the truth.’

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