Pep Guardiola to stay as Barcelona manager

Pep Guardiola has revealed that he will be staying on as Barcelona manager for one more year, following his team’s stunning triumph in the Champions League final at Wembley last night.

There had been rumours that Guardiola would leave the Camp Nou this summer if they won in the final, as it would mean that his Barca team would have done everything that there is to do. However there will be at least one more year of Catalan dominance before he decides what to do with the rest of his career.

‘I've the intention to continue one more year and after we will see,’ he said. ‘My future will be very tough as I'll be at another club with other players, thinking 'where are these kinds of players?'

‘A coach depends on the players. Obviously, you have girls falling at your feet when you win, but that can change overnight.’

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