Pele: Ireland-France replay is a no-go

When Football Association of Ireland president David Blood introduced Pele to his audience in Dublin yesterday he spoke of how the artist formerly known as Edson Arantes do Nascimento has, through his life,' used his name to help others' - nudge nudge, wink wink.

Amazingly, the Brazilian legend now 69, spurned the opportunity to chain himself to Fifa’s headquarters in Zurich until they order a replay of 'that game' against France.

Pele dismissed, with all the empathy he could muster, the notion that a replay was ever going to happen. 'Listen, it would be very complicated,' he said. 'You have a lot of other matches which were almost the same – different fouls, different calls, but almost the same. And to have a replay you need to have new rules. Would it be two games or one? Extra-time or no extra-time? Penalty kicks or no penalty kicks? It would be very difficult.'

Thank you Mr. Arantes - now can we finally get over it, watch a better team (Ireland's rugby team) play a game (rugby) that doesn't involve whining, moaning, ballet-dancing, and academy-award-winning watch-me-falling-down performances (soccer.)

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